Ideal Guitar Practicing Mindset

Get more value from each practice session and enjoy the process

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Learn how to:

  1. Feel motivated to practice more
  2. Get more out of each practice session
  3. Set specific musical goals and reach them
  4. Use your mistakes as a signal to what you should be working on
  5. Learn things in the right order
  6. Get set on the right path to musical greatness

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Change your practicing mindset to improve on guitar faster.

Ever wondered why you’re struggling with learning guitar while other guitarists seem to be playing with ease?

Perhaps you can play quite a few things, but have no clue how to take it to the next level.

This eBook is for you if:

You rarely know what you need to practice next

Your guitar practicing is not yielding the results you expected

Practicing guitar is something “you have to do” rather than fun

You think that reaching your goals is something very far away, if ever possible

You don’t even have musical goals

You’re afraid you’ll never be brave enough to play in front of an audience

You think you can never be a great guitarist because you don’t have natural talent.

You get frustrated because you keep making mistakes all the time.

Start my journey to musical greatness

Hi, I’m Robert Callus, a blogger, guitarist a music teacher and a songwriter.

My teenage obsession with becoming a Rock Star evolved into a love for anything related to practicing, playing and performing the guitar.

I feel very lucky. I teach Black Sabbath songs to people in Slayer t-shirts for a living. What more can I ask from life?

I’m eternally grateful to the numerous musicians and teachers who shared their knowledge with me giving me the priceless ability to express myself at will through musical notes and melodic phrases.

And this is what I want to share with you in this book.

I want you to see for yourselves what I could have realized a lot sooner: That the journey of learning the guitar is as exciting as the destination.


Developing an ideal guitar practicing mindset will help you

  • Become a better guitarist sooner
  • Have fun in the process
  • Feel prepared to play in front of an audience
  • Approach guitar practicing challenges in a completely different way

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