Self-Managing Your Reading Studies

If you are learning to read standard notation on your instrument, this article contains steps that can make the whole process much easier and faster. Get the goal tempo.  Play a recording of the piece from a play-along audio track that many reading books come with.  Use the ‘tap’ feature of your metronome. (First of […]

Ten Songs You Should Play On Your Guitar

We all play guitar to create music. This can be done either through our own original compositions or playing someone else’s songs. If you haven’t been playing for at least two years, it’s important right now to learn your craft through playing other people’s songs. Now there are millions of songs out there already to […]

How does playing an instrument keep your mind sharp?

Needless to say, for different people playing a musical instrument means different things. To some people, it’s simply for fun; to some others, it’s an obligation and a must do – probably because they have made music their career choice; and to some others, it’s for self-gratification (they just want to play). Interestingly, it’s quite […]

How to play jazz guitar for beginners

One of the first things every aspiring jazz guitarist quickly realizes is that jazz is hard. Really hard. And once they realize what they’ve gotten themselves into they inevitably start looking for ‘​The Secret’. That one scale, arpeggio or II-V-I that will make them a seasoned jazz man or jazz girl overnight. Well, I’m afraid […]

How to Sing And Play Guitar At the Same Time

  Have you ever wanted to play guitar and sing with confidence? If so, keep reading to discover how you can make your musical dream a reality. Many people can sing at least decently. Many people can play guitar, or at least a few chords. However, when trying to combine the two, many people struggle […]