Welcome to Learn Guitar Malta

Theory – Technique – Application

Do you find it hard to turn your knowledge of music and the guitar into actual guitar riffs, licks and solos?

Have you learned different elements of guitar playing but struggle to use them together to create music?

The main aim of Learn Guitar Malta is to teach you the different skills that make you a good guitar player from these 3 aspects:

Guitar technique – Music theory helps you know where you need to go. Guitar technique makes it possible for you to get there. That is, to execute the music you have in your mind and get the sound you desire.

Music theory – To learn how music works and have a set of tools, tried and tested by the great composers (scales, chords, arpeggios etc.) you can use to create music.

Application – This is the area where many advancing beginner/intermediate guitar students tend to slack.

They can play a scale, they can execute string bending and vibrato, but find it hard to use all three together to create a guitar solo.

Or else, they can play chords and chord progressions, but won’t even consider writing a song.

In the articles on this website, music theory concepts or elements of guitar technique are applied to real musical situations and come with instructions on how to do so yourself.

It is when the elements of music are combined to create music that learning the guitar becomes really fun.

This website is the work of love of Robert Callus, a guitar teacher and songwriter from Malta.

Robert used to play with Punk/Metal band Blue Sky Abyss and is working on a new project called Trust N Bribes.