A Gentle Introduction To Guitar Modes

Guitar modes explained and how to use them to improve your playing Guitar modes are a scary topic for many intermediate and advancing guitar players. While the theory behind the modes can get a bit complex unless you have a solid basis of music theory you can, and should, start using them even if you’re […]

What are the notes in a guitar chord?

Guitar chord construction for beginners Simply put, a guitar chord is a group of three or more notes played together on the guitar. Thus, if you’re strumming say, the chord of C major you’re playing the notes C, E and G. Now, if you strum the C major chord in the open position, you will […]

How to solo over chords

The easiest way to solo over chords on the guitar is to first determine which key the chords are in, choose a scale that fits with that key and use it to solo over the entire progression. For instance, if the chords of the progression are C, Am, F, and G you can use notes […]

How To Play The Lead Guitar In 7 Easy Steps

The difference between the lead guitar and the rhythm guitar is the role the guitarist takes in the musical setting he’s playing in. The rhythm guitarist provides part or all of the rhythm and the harmony of the song while the lead guitarist provides melodies over the rhythm and the harmony in the form of […]