Hybrid Picking

10 Hybrid Picking Exercises That Gradually Get Harder

In this lesson, I gave you a set of exercises to train yourself to play the guitar with a pick. In today’s lesson, we’ll take guitar picking an extra step by using the pick together with the remaining fingers: Hybrid picking. In order to execute hybrid picking technique, your thumb, and index finger hold the […]

How many guitar chord types are there?

If I had to try to answer the question “How many guitar chords are there in all?”, my answer would be inaccurate, incomplete, and completely useless to your guitar learning progress anyway. The reason is that the answer to this question would depend on variables such as whether: We’re including every position of each chord […]

How to Practice Guitar Exercises

If there is one thing guitar students of this era have in abundance, it is guitar exercises. There are millions of exercises on the Internet, some pretty generic, some aimed to teach you a specific topic. Needless to say, this is amazing. In my days we had to scrape the little money we had to […]

How To Learn Major Guitar Scales And Use Them

In this lesson I gave you a general approach you should use when learning guitar scales as well as some examples on the major and minor pentatonic scale. In today’s lesson we’ll go into more depth in learning and using major guitar scales. A bit of theory first A scale is a linear pattern of […]

Can anyone learn the guitar?

If you’re asking whether you can learn the guitar or not, I have good news for you.  If you can read this article, you definitely have enough mental abilities to learn the guitar. Yes, some people do have “natural talent” that is, the ability to learn (either  everything in life, or a specific thing, such […]