10 Rhythm Guitar Exercises to Train Your Right Hand

10 Rhythm Guitar Exercises to Train Your Right Hand

In these exercises we go through different aspects of guitar practicing so that you improve your overall level of playing. In today’s rhythm guitar exercises we’re going to focus on your right hand technique, an often neglected aspect of guitar playing. Before you start working on these exercises, you may want to go through this […]

12 Guitar scale exercises to get you to make music

Before you learn these guitar scale exercises, I suggest you first go through this lesson on how to learn and use guitar scales In today’s lesson, we’ll be taking things to the next step. Rather than give you a random set of guitar scale exercises, I will take you through a process where you’ll not […]

How to Easily Get Out Of A Guitar Playing Rut

If you’re stuck in a guitar playing rut, it may give you some comfort to know that nearly every guitar player in the world, no matter how great, has felt the same at least once during his guitar learning curve. What separates the successful guitar players from the ones who never become good on the […]