10 Cool Guitar Gadgets for Tech-Freaks

Are you a tech-geek and a guitar enthusiast? So, why not combine these two passions and get your hands on the amazing and exceptional guitar gadgets?

It is tricky to keep up with the fast-paced technology these days. Thus, we have compiled a list of 10 of the coolest gadgets for the coolest tech-savvy guitarists.

  1. A Guitar Amplifier

A high performance, multiple channeled and a loud amplifier makes a great gift for any guitarist. Not only do guitar amplifiers augment the guitar sounds, but they can also be used as speakers too, although you may need to tinker it a bit. You can find mini portable guitar amps too, for those who are constantly on the move.

  1. Automatic Tuner

Tuning the guitar is an absolutely essential task which guitarists must undertake before every performance or recording. Tuning is required to form a harmonious connection between all your senses. So, why not make the task easier by gifting an automatic tuner for your beloved guitarist?

While some guitarists prefer manually tuning their guitars, which is fine, but it takes up a sufficient amount of time and there’s a risk of doing it wrong. An automatic tuner, however, tunes your guitar, winds up your strings, and maintains the string’s quality. 

  1. Ergonomic Guitar Pick

Some guitarists prefer not to hurt their fingers and instead, use a guitar pick to string away. However, there is always a risk of losing your guitar pick or it giving you a hand cramp, which could be quite frustrating. Luckily, you can find ergonomic guitar picks in the market today. These picks are designed for efficiency and won’t give you hand cramps even if you strum away for a long, long time. They also have a perfect grip as they are devised to fit ergonomically in your hand.

  1. Guitar Sidekick

This is great for guitarists who use their phones, tablets, laptops or other devices to keep track of their music sheets. Guitar sidekicks or phone holders, clamps on to the head-stock of the guitar. This enables efficient performance, as the player won’t have to balance their devices elsewhere. If you get a Bluetooth pedal along with the sidekick, it could assist the player in switching between the music sheets with just a tap of the foot.

  1. Pocket Guitar 

This is a great gadget for beginner guitarists or students still in the learning stage. A pocket guitar is portable, lightweight, fit easily in a backpack, and is a simple way to master finger playing on the move. Pocket guitars are suitable to improve playing speed and master a few finger tricks. Also, they make no noise when the strings are struck, enabling the player to practice anytime, anywhere.

  1. Guitar Pedal 

A pedal for a guitar seems unusual. But, trust me, guitar pedals are so useful in the ease and improvement of performance. There are several guitar pedal types suitable for different uses and to meet different requirements. You must check out some of the best bass compressor pedal reviews if your music style leans towards bass.

  1. Portable Recorder 

 If you want to record on-the-go regardless of your device, then a portable guitar recorder should be on the list of your must-haves. A pocket-sized guitar holder fits anywhere easily and enables in a satisfactory recording wherever you like. Portable guitar recorders either have built-in microphones, or they allow you to connect your personal microphone to them.

  1. Wireless Guitar System

 The impact of wireless technology on the world is not an earth-shattering revelation. That being said, it has made its way in the music industry too. The wireless guitar systems are the new big thing among guitarists, which enables them to transmit the sound signals from the guitar to the amplifier. It is small-sized and quite handy, but is heavier on the price spectrum.

  1. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

 The background noise during a live gig or recording is the biggest hindrance towards enjoying and focusing on your performance. That is why you must get a pair of good-quality headphones with wireless technology. A Bluetooth headphone allows a hassle-free performance and you can change the volume, settings, shuffle and pause in between songs effortlessly.

  1. MIDI Guitar Controller 

Are you fascinated by the MIDI controllers and its technology? Well, luckily, we live in a time where you get MIDI controllers for guitars as well. A guitar MIDI controller is a pad-like thing which is typically attached to the guitar and can easily be removed. It allows you to manipulate guitar sounds and gives your performance a unique touch. 

There you have it, the ultimate list of cool guitar gadgets for tech-freaks. Guaranteed, there are a lot of other gadgets which I may have not included, but these are my top 10 picks. I hope you found this curated list helpful and that you have found a new gadget to purchase for your next gig.

Author Bio:

Ronald Ross is a musician, a tech-savvy and a regular contributor to Loud Beats – where he gives ideas, opinions and a lot of other information related to music, guitars and more.

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