Which guitar notes sound good together?

In this lesson on the guitar fretboard, I’ve shown you what the notes are on the guitar and how to memorize them. This is important for getting started in the art of improvisation which simply means being able to come up with your own tunes on the guitar at will. However, knowing where the notes […]

Guitar practice tips

10 guitar practice tips for the ambitious student

Some people just pick up their guitar once in a while dreaming of stardom they will never reach. Others play just for fun, to entertain themselves and their friends. Then, yet another group, actually mean business and want to go places. If you’re in this last group, these guitar practice tips are for you.      […]

guitar riffs on one string

5 Easy Guitar Riffs You Can Play On One String

The amount of guitar riffs you can play on one string is infinite. While in many cases, guitar riffs played on a single string are simple and easy, this may not always be the case. For instance, intro guitar riff to Sails of Charon by the Scorpions, is played on just one string, but it […]