music theory tips

7 Music Theory Tips For Guitar Players

I began studying music theory alongside the guitar because it seemed like the right thing to do. That if you want to become a musician, you should also learn the theory behind it. I’m glad I studied music theory, but as you’ll see in the music theory tips for guitar players below, I didn’t learn it in the most efficient way possible. The following music theory tips are aimed at correcting misconceptions I had, and ineffective methods I used when I started playing 28 years ago, as well as those I frequently notice in new students.  “Why should I learn to read notes when I can use guitar tabs?” I’m sometimes asked when introducing music theory to guitar students.   While the answer to this question deserves …

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guitar scales for blues

7 Scales for Blues Guitar Players (with example guitar licks)

The minor pentatonic blues scale is commonly referred to as “the blues scale” because it is a very popular scale for blues guitar players and contains all of the blue notes, as explained below. However, this is not the only scale used by blues guitarists. Blues guitarists use a variety of scales, including combinations of …

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The 4 Types of Accents In Music (with melodic examples)

The dynamic accent, despite being the most common, is only one of four types of accents used in music. In this lesson, we’ll define accents in music before delving into the four main types of musical accents. Definition of accents in music In music, an accent is when a note (or a chord) is given more emphasis or stress than the notes around it. We create emphasis in the written word by using bold, italics, commas, and other symbols to indicate …

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Creative Songwriter

How to Become a Creative Songwriter

Do you want to write songs but are afraid your lack of creativity will prevent you from ever writing a hit?  Do you believe that creative songwriters are born with the creative gene and that you are not one of them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have good news. Creativity is already within you, and it can be strengthened through practice, just like a physical muscle. You already use creativity when you solve a problem, tell a lie, play a sport, plan your day, take an exam or drive a car, among many other things.  You’re not a creative songwriter because you haven’t yet put in the time to train your creative muscle to make music. In this article, I’ll show you the four things you need …

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