The elements of music for songwriting

The elements of music for songwriting

How to apply the basic components of music to writing songs Musicologists have argued for ages as to how many elements of music there are. Some claim there are 5 main elements of music, some 7, some 10, others even more. This debate isn’t really useful for us songwriters and most of the time it […]

guitar strumming patterns and the basics of rhythm

Guitar Strumming Patterns and the Basics of Rhythm

Understand the basic rhythmic components of music and figure out guitar strumming patterns on your own. In this lesson, rather than give you a few common guitar strumming patterns to play, of which you can find many on the Internet, I’ll be showing you the basic rhythmic components of a strumming pattern, so that apart […]

What are guitar riffs

What are guitar riffs (and how to create them)

Learn what a guitar riff is, and start riffing straight away! If you look at the example guitar licks in this lesson and compare them to the guitar riffs in this, you will get quite a good idea on what makes the difference between a guitar lick and a guitar riff. In this tutorial, we’ll […]

What guitar notes sound good together?

In this lesson on the guitar fretboard, I’ve shown you what the notes on the guitar neck are and how to memorize them. This is important for getting started in the art of improvisation which simply means being able to come up with your own tunes on the guitar at will. However, knowing where the […]

Guitar practice tips

10 guitar practice tips for the ambitious student

Some people just pick up their guitar once in a while dreaming of stardom they will never reach. Others play just for fun, to entertain themselves and their friends. Then, yet another group, actually mean business and want to go places. If you’re in this last group, these guitar practice tips are for you.      […]