Overdrive vs. Distortion

If you are new to playing electric guitar and are just starting out explore what pedals do it can be an overwhelming en devour. There are more choices today than ever and it seems that new products come out almost every day. With a little bit of knowledge and experimentation you will be able to […]

How To Learn Major Guitar Scales And Use Them

In this lesson I gave you a general approach you should use when learning guitar scales as well as some examples on the major and minor pentatonic scale. In today’s lesson we’ll go into more depth in learning and using major guitar scales. A bit of theory first A scale is a linear pattern of […]

Can anyone learn the guitar?

If you’re asking whether you can learn the guitar or not, I have good news for you.  If you can read this article, you definitely have enough mental abilities to learn the guitar. Yes, some people do have “natural talent” that is, the ability to learn (either  everything in life, or a specific thing, such […]

7 Exercises to Improve Your Timing on the Guitar

Is timing on the guitar everything? In a way, yes. Of course, there are many other elements that make a good guitar player, including technique, the ability to apply music theory for the guitar, and developing a good ear, among others. But timing is an element that will make you sound amateurish if you get […]

How To Use Guitar Triads To Unlock The Fretboard

If you don’t know the theory behind guitar triads yet, I suggest that you go through this lesson first. And through this lesson if you don’t yet know the name of the notes on the guitar fretboard. In today’s lesson we’re going to explore all the guitar triads in the major scale, and progress from […]

10 Cool Guitar Gadgets for Tech-Freaks

Are you a tech-geek and a guitar enthusiast? So, why not combine these two passions and get your hands on the amazing and exceptional guitar gadgets? It is tricky to keep up with the fast-paced technology these days. Thus, we have compiled a list of 10 of the coolest gadgets for the coolest tech-savvy guitarists. […]