How to Feel Inspired to Write a Song Any Time You Want

Are there times when you want to write songs but inspiration doesn’t seem to come from anywhere? Do you have days when you’re spending more time dwelling on whether you’re going to start writing the words or with the music, the melody or the harmony, or what topic to write about rather than actually writing […]

You Don’t Need to Body build Your Fingers to Learn Guitar

When I was just starting out on guitar I saw a finger building product for guitar players in a music shop and thought “cool, with this I could keep practicing while I’m on the bus” Though I hated real life pushups and sit ups, I liked the idea that I was “body building” my fingers […]

How to write your first guitar riff

Are you able to play some of your favorite guitar riffs but find it hard to come up with your own? This lesson will show you that to get started is probably easier than what you may have thought, and that if you can play a riff – you can easily learn how to create […]

How to Sing And Play Guitar At the Same Time

  Have you ever wanted to play guitar and sing with confidence? If so, keep reading to discover how you can make your musical dream a reality. Many people can sing at least decently. Many people can play guitar, or at least a few chords. However, when trying to combine the two, many people struggle […]

Overcoming songwriter’s block: The moment of revelation

Songwriter’s block is a very frustrating feeling many songwriters struggle with at some point or another in their musical life. A period of time when the ideas dry up and nothing seems to inspire them anymore. Or else, they may still get inspired but find it hard to turn their ideas into actual songs. I […]

7 Myths About Music Theory

Music theory explains  the things we hear. It’s the language of music, something that should be fun to learn for every person who loves music. If you have a negative view of music theory, most probably you’ve had some bad experience with the way you were being taught, or else had friends recount their own […]

The Art of Practicing Guitar

One of the main reasons many people quit learning guitar (or refrain from starting in the first place) is that they consider the time they spend practicing as stressful. Rather than fun, they see it as a chore they have to do each day, or for a certain amount of days each week, in order […]