Guitar riff generator

How to Become a Guitar Riff Generator

There are mainly two reasons why I was never interested in computerized guitar riff generators when I had made it a goal to learn riffs and write them myself. I found it hard to believe that a computer can ever come up with riffs like Crazy Train, Whole Lotta Love or Hell’s Bells. There are […]

connecting scale patterns

How to Connect Guitar Scale Patterns to Write Better Solos

When I came up with my first guitar lick, using the A minor pentatonic scale in its most commonly used position, I was over the moon. It sounded like the real thing, and it was. I went back to my A minor pentatonic and came up with another lick, and another and another. And it […]

How to Use Palm Muting to Write Great Electric Guitar Riffs

If string bending and vibrato are the techniques the lead guitar player can’t get enough of, palm muting is the technique rhythm guitar players cannot do without. For good reason. As we’ll explore below, palm muting technique gives a different sound to the same note/chord you’re strumming, thus it gives you an infinite amount of […]

How to Use Guitar Scale Sequences to Create Licks and Riffs

If you are learning scales on guitar, you have probably encountered exercises like this: Or this:   These exercise are just two examples of guitar scale sequences you may use on the A minor pentatonic scale. The purpose behind these exercises is that the scale gets ingrained in your head, you develop the muscle memory […]


17 Guitar Playing Tips For the Intermediate Guitar Student

If you’re a late beginner or an intermediate guitar player, congratulations, you’ve survived the hardest stage of all – being a complete beginner. Many people think the beginner stage of guitar playing is the easiest, because the things they’re learning, actually are easy compared to what more advanced players are doing. But the truth is […]

How to use Guitar Chord Progressions to Write Songs

In the article How to find inspiration to write a song anytime you want I have shown you how reaching out to your own emotions is the only source of inspiration you will need every time you want to express yourself in a song. In this lesson, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of […]

How to Handle Criticism of Your Music

Some people are afraid to have their music criticized. They love what they create so much and are so protective of their music that any form of negative criticism is taken as an attack they feel obliged to defend. Other people on the other hand, are always looking for criticism from everyone, expecting everybody’s approval, […]