Guitar techniques

7 Electric Guitar techniques that will make you stand out

Guitar techniques involve everything related to the execution of notes on your guitar. Every instrument has its own set of techniques that make playing it special, different from any other instrument. The electric guitar is no exception. The following guitar techniques are essential if you want to make the notes you play stand out on […]

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Power Chord Guitar Riffs More Interesting Power Chords on Guitar May Get Boring After A While. This Will Show You How To Spice Them Up

Have you just started writing your first power chord guitar riffs? Power chords are cool, aren’t they? And they seem to fit in everywhere. Well, there’s a reason for that, something I explain in detail in this lesson on power chord theory. The short answer to why power chords fit in easily more than major […]

How to write your first guitar riff

Are you able to play some of your favorite guitar riffs but find it hard to come up with your own? This lesson will show you that getting started writing your first guitar riff is probably easier than what you may have thought. That if you can play other musician’s riffs on guitar – you […]