Is learning to read standard notation worth the effort?

Should you learn to read standard music notation (notes written on a music staff) or should you just rely on tablature (a simpler way of reading guitar music)? Guitarists have debated this issue for ages. Some argue that the use of tablature (or tabs as they are more commonly known) makes learning to read music […]

Should you learn music theory?

Some great guitarists have little or no understanding of music theory. Metallica’s James Hetfield has referred to his lack of music theory knowledge many times. To compensate for their lack of knowledge of music theory such musicians usually have very good aural skills. They are able to hear things (either from other musicians or in […]

The Power of Power Chords

The power chord is present in the majority of Rock guitar riffs. Punk Rock is probably the style that uses it most, and bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols have numerous songs with riffs made up exclusively of power chords. Rock, Blues and Metal bands also use power chords a lot though they […]