17 Guitar Playing Tips For the Intermediate Guitar Student How to go from intermediate to advanced guitar playing in the shortest time possible

If you’re an advancing beginner or an intermediate guitar player, congratulations, you’ve survived the hardest stage of all – being a complete beginner on guitar! Many people think the beginner stage of guitar playing is the easiest, because the things they’re learning, actually are easy compared to what intermediate and advanced guitar players are doing. […]

How to use Guitar Chord Progressions to Write Songs

In the article How to find inspiration to write a song anytime you want I have shown you how reaching out to your own emotions is the only source of inspiration you will need every time you want to express yourself in a song. In this lesson, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of […]

How to Handle Criticism of Your Music

Some people are afraid to have their music criticized. They love what they create so much and are so protective of their music that any form of negative criticism is taken as an attack they feel obliged to defend. Other people on the other hand, are always looking for criticism from everyone, expecting everybody’s approval, […]

How to Apply the Pareto Principle for Effective Guitar Practicing

What if I told you, the time you spend practicing guitar, is probably way less effective than it could be? That for each hour you’re spending practicing you’re most likely gaining less than you would if you actually applied the Pareto principle. In this article I will explain what the Pareto principle is all about. […]

Beyond power chord riffs: Major and minor triads

In the power of power chords lesson I explain how the power chord can come very handy since it doesn’t have the “third” note of the key it’s being played in. In this lesson you’ll see that while power chords can be enough to make great guitar riffs, if you want to inject more variety […]