How to Apply the Pareto Principle for Effective Guitar Practicing

What if I told you, the time you spend practicing guitar, is probably way less effective than it could be? That for each hour you’re spending practicing you’re most likely gaining less than you would if you actually applied the Pareto principle. In this article I will explain what the Pareto principle is all about. […]

Beyond power chord riffs: Major and minor triads

In the power of power chords lesson I explain how the power chord can come very handy since it doesn’t have the “third” note of the key it’s being played in. In this lesson you’ll see that while power chords can be enough to make great guitar riffs, if you want to inject more variety […]

Learn these 7 things and start improvising on guitar

Do you think that you need to be a pro to start improvising on guitar? Or else, that you need to learn a ton of scales and techniques before you can attempt your first guitar impovisation? Do you think you need to be able to play fast to start playing guitar solos? If you already […]

You Don’t Need to Play Fast To Improvise Good Guitar Solos

Many a time I have students who have the ability to at least start to improvise guitar solos, good solos if they commit to practicing the art of improvisation for a while, but they’re afraid that it’s not within their reach because they think they can’t play fast enough, that they can’t “shred”, and that […]

How to focus and get more out of your guitar practicing time

Do you sometimes feel that practicing guitar involves learning a bunch of unrelated things without knowing the reason why you’re learning them? That you have to learn all this so that finally, one day, years from now, it will magically tie up together and “you can play guitar”? I know exactly how this feels because […]

The Tritone: A Lesson on Consonance and Dissonance

What makes beautiful melodies…..beautiful? There are quite a few things you need in place to write a great melody, but the one thing that makes a melody stand out is a good relationship between consonant and dissonant notes. Consonance and dissonance in music is a concept you need to understand from a theoretical level as […]

When do you become good at playing guitar?

There was a time when I thought I had become pretty good at playing guitar. Then I got a bit better, and found out that the things I knew were far from enough. So I practiced more, got better, only to find out that the horizon was even further away than I had thought. Until […]